Monday, August 11, 2008

and sew it goes

Because a couple of my closest friends are moving in the next couple of weeks, just before my birthday comes around, I ended up having an "un-birthday" party this weekend. We went candlepin bowling and played pool and had yummy cake and talked and laughed and had a generally good time.

And look what my lovely ladies got me for my birthday:


It's a sewing box and sewing tools! You might be asking why. Well, last week I bought a sewing machine. It's still in its box, sitting on my living room floor, while I wait for the table I need to set it up on, but I hope to start using it sometime soon.

And here's a look at what was inside the sewing box as well:


Thank you so much, ladies!

I did do some knitting on my Ravelympics project this weekend, but not enough to really show any progress. But I also did some sewing at a friend's house and made this cute little bag. It still needs a drawstring, but I love the fabrics.


And a slightly trippy picture looking down at the inside of the bag:


The instructions for the bag come from this tutorial. I want to make a few more!


Sarah said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while now but never commented before. I like the bag you made and happy "un-birthday"!

Amanda said...

YAY for un-birthdays! I'm glad you liked the sewing kit, and your first lil' project bag is cute!