Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rip it, rip it

The knitting blog has been quiet lately, as I've been in rather a knitting funk. I spent two days untangling the mess I made of one skein of yarn, only to begin knitting it into a sock and then frogging it all while I was working on the gusset because of too many visible mistakes. Then I started another pair and ended up frogging that after two inches because it didn't look right. And then I started a third sock, this one involving colorwork, and when I tried it on I couldn't get it over my heel. So there's been a lot of ripping going on in my house lately.

My next intended project was the Anemoi mittens, but I may put those off for a bit, at least until Mercury retrograde is over. I don't generally put a lot of stock in astrology, but between all of my knitting disasters, the job search that is going nowhere, and not feeling like reading anything (and I read everything), there may be something to this.

In the meantime, I'll be getting ready to head to Florida to watch baseball!

And a little bit of amusement, from Deb (Chappy's Mom):

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Most Honourable Alexis the Sardonic of Bumswick by the Hole
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Secret Cupid

I can finally show off some of those secret projects, as last night our knitting group had our Secret Cupid exchange. As it turned out, Ariel had tricked me and actually had me as her recipient. Check out the socks she made for me:

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They're made with Artyarns supermerino, which is one of my favorite yarns ever. I also got pretty stitch markers and a Lindt chocolate toffee bar and a bag of stroopwafflen, as she knows I'm addicted.

The person I made gifts for is the blog-less Cassandra. She had mentioned wanting to try bamboo yarn, so I made mittens for her out of Classic Elite Wool Bamboo:

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The hands used just one ball of yarn, on size 5 Inox circulars (magic loop). The cuffs are in Berocco Zodiac. I also made her a pair of socks and by accident I seem to have deleted the full image, so here's the detail shot:

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They are made out of two skeins of Cervinia Calzetteria in the color Capri.

And I also made her stitch markers, which I know Ariel is jealous of, considering the theme:

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And I may also have gotten her an infectious disease stuffed animal, because she loves those infectious diseases!

Answer to Anna's question in the comments on my last post:

No, I didn't crochet on a toggle on the cardigan. I do want to find some kind of clasp or such for it. I was using an Edward Gorey cat pin to pin it this weekend, as it kind of gaped in the back when it wasn't closed. And the picture was taken in a bookstore, so you weren't too far off in your guess. :)

Currently reading: Atonement, by Ian McEwan.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my first sweater

An honest to goodness FO to show off, and my first real sweater to boot. I've made baby sweaters, and one tank top with short sleeves for myself, but this is my first real sweater made for myself. It's the Cardigan for Arwen from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.

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The cardigan is hooded, with the cable pattern running the length of the front and the hood, as well as the cuffs.

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It took almost six weeks to complete, using (I think) six balls of Patons Classic Merino in That's Purple (and it is very purple). If I were to modify the pattern any I would probably add a couple of inches to the length and widen the tops of the sleeves since they're a little tight for my big arms. But, overall, I'm really pleased with how the sweater turned out.

Now, to figure out what to make next. . .