Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Doctor is in; or, yes, I knit my very own David Tennant


This has been the year of Doctor Who around this apartment, both watching and knitting (as well as crushing on David Tennant). When I finished knitting the TARDIS a few months back, I mentioned offhand to a few people that it made me tempted to knit my own huggable Doctor Who. And, once you get that kind of bug of an idea in your head, it's very difficult not to go through with it.

And this was the result.


Pattern: Doctor Who (the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant), a self-designed improvisation with roots in a number of patterns
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in beige, colonial blue, and burgundy; Red Heart Classic in white and dark brown; Lion Brand Wool Ease in pink heather; Berroco Chinchilla in brown, all on size 6 needles
Comments: I'm exceedingly pleased with how it turned out.


I chose to do the blue suit; it's my favorite. There's a burgundy tie (which is actually tied in a tie knot, though it's impossible to see) and, of course, I included the glasses. These were the closest I could find to the Doctor's glasses--I got them through the American Girl store.


And then, of course, there were the sneakers.

The real Doctor's:


And my Doctor's:


Plus the sideburns!


The embroidery on the face lacks the charm of the Tennant, but I'm still really pleased with it overall. And now I have a Doctor Who I can hug. :)

(Though if anyone would like to get me the real Doctor, I do have a birthday coming up next month, and that would be an ideal present... ;)


glitterboy1 said...

Yay, cuddly Doctor!

And well done, making it all up, too!

Catherine said...

Wowee that is awesome! And look you found the perfect use for Chinchilla yarn...

LizzieK8 said...

Very nice! How lucky you are to have a Doctor of your own!

Amanda said...

I know big fat zero about Dr. Who, but I'm gonna say he's a super awesome knit. :)

Trillian42 said...

OMG. Too cute! I LOVE the detail of the shoes. I noticed that right away. Freaking awesome.

Anonymous said...

That's great! I'm still sad about Donna not being his side kick anymore though. :-(

felinity said...

Ha ha, that is unbelievably brilliant! Congratulations!

Cassandra said...

ahhhh! I loves it!

Jane said...

He is awesome! You did such a great job.

svm said...

Hello there,
Any chance you could share this pattern with me? I would be happy to trade my pattern for T.A.R.D.I.S. slippers! I have a dear friend who is going to be heartbroken come the airing of the final 10 episode. It would be lovely if I could present her with a wee DT doll to help her through the rough adjustment period. I'm sure you understand... Many, many thanks!
p.s. I am NOT (insanely) on ravelry but I think you can find me through my blog--hopefully linked here.