Thursday, May 28, 2009


The year of Doctor Who knitting started last May, when I decided to knit a TARDIS for my friend's birthday. That led to the idea to knit my own Tenth Doctor. And then I got crazy and knit a second mini David Tennant. Oh yeah, and there was the Adipose I knit for Liz...

Anyway, it had come around again to my friend's birthday, and I was trying to figure out what to make or get him. And, eventually, I came around to this.


Pattern: Extermiknit!, the Dalek, by Penwiper
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quatro in a pink shade and Valley Yarns Amherst in eggplant, on US 4 needles
Notes: And it just turned out so cute that I then had to make one for myself, which led to this:


Yarn: Lamb's Pride Brown Sheep Worsted in periwinkle and Patons Classic Merino in peacock, on US 4 needles
Notes: Two color knitting and I still have a difference of opinion, but I'm newly in love with corrugated ribbing.


So, in the time period before I mailed off the pink Dalek to his new home, that meant I had two Doctor Whos and two Daleks in my apartment. Which inevitably led to these (I was going for battle scenes, but I didn't have enough hands, and the Doctors did not want to stand up on their own)...




And yes, I have been told that I am both daft and bonkers. In the best possible way, of course.


glitterboy1 said...

Heeeeeeeee! I took photos today! All I need to do now is have time to post them. Soon...

Thank you again!

Catherine said...

Hahaha, AWESOME. I would have totally helped with the battle scene... we could have had action shots and everything!!

Hm... can't wait to see what other Dr Who item you will make...

Katie said...

These are great! It makes me want to make some for my Dr. Who friends.

alison said...

Get out! You made the weirdo salt shaker/garbage can people! You are crazy cool.