Monday, May 25, 2009

then I go out at night and paint the stars

(Entry title courtesy of Vincent Van Gogh.)

A few months ago, I played around with some fabric paints and a pumpkin carving stencil and came out with this bag. I really liked it, but the strap on the bag wasn't long enough for me to put it over my shoulder, which meant it wasn't going to get nearly as much use as I wanted.

So, this weekend, I pulled out the paints again, cut out some more stencils, and made a few larger bags celebrating my favorite sci-fi shows.

Here's another Doctor Who bag, using the same template as before.


And then I had to do this one of Wash, my favorite character from Firefly. This one didn't come out quite as well; I think the main problem is how much of his face needed to painted so it makes it look a little odd.


But this one is my favorite of this batch. I had found this dark bag at home and just needed to use the red paint for the lovely pairing of Jack and Ianto from Torchwood.


I just love the warmth of the color with the strength of the image.

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glitterboy1 said...

Hee to the title!

That last one is really good, and definitely my favourite of this batch. That was a good choice of image and colours!

You seem to have a lot of bags!