Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my first sweater

An honest to goodness FO to show off, and my first real sweater to boot. I've made baby sweaters, and one tank top with short sleeves for myself, but this is my first real sweater made for myself. It's the Cardigan for Arwen from the winter issue of Interweave Knits.

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The cardigan is hooded, with the cable pattern running the length of the front and the hood, as well as the cuffs.

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It took almost six weeks to complete, using (I think) six balls of Patons Classic Merino in That's Purple (and it is very purple). If I were to modify the pattern any I would probably add a couple of inches to the length and widen the tops of the sleeves since they're a little tight for my big arms. But, overall, I'm really pleased with how the sweater turned out.

Now, to figure out what to make next. . .


Anna said...

Ohmigoodness! That purple really IS purple and looks gorgeous on you! Beautiful job. I'm working on that cardigan right now and I hope mine comes out that nice.

Did you crochet on the button on for the toggle thingy? I think that's a great idea and very fitting for the cardigan! :-D

Were you in the library when you took this photo? Too cute!

Thea said...

hey it looks great!! I didn't realize it was your first sweater - pretty ambitious, with all the funky shaping. But awesome. And a good day to wear a new hooded sweater.

Caroline said...

I've been thinking about knitting that sweater. It looks beautiful and I like the purple. Did you know that there is an Arwen Knit-A-Long going on.

Domestic Imposter said...

Wow, that is quite impressive for a first sweater... I don't think I could do it!
The color is great... it's more purple than any purple I've seen before in yarn.

kemtee said...

Honey, if that's your FIRST sweater, then all I can say is "Look OUT, world!" Lovely job.