Tuesday, September 08, 2009

thread the needle

I've actually been using my sewing machine again! I know, it's a freaking miracle. But I'd been feeling the urge for the last month or so, but I had to wait for the temperature to go down. Ironing while melting didn't sound fun. Here's what I've been working on.


I used this box bag tutorial to make the smaller of the two bags, which was pretty small. So, on the next one, I improvised by making the pieces as large as I could get out of the umbrella fabric and went from there. The one thing I had to really guess at was the cutting and stitching of the corners to form the box edges, but I think they came out pretty well. And I even remembered to add the ribbon loop on the second bag.


I'd picked up the fabric at Bazaar Bizarre almost two years ago with a particular friend in mind--and this was even before I had a sewing machine!--and finally I made her something from it. The bags were really not difficult to make and I had fun doing them. And this was also my first time sewing in zippers and using interfacing, so I'm pretty proud all around.



glitterboy1 said...

Nice - and that's a pretty fabric, too.

As for the corners, I suspect that's a whole lot more complicated than you might think (it's the sort of spatial question that I'm rubbish at in IQ tests), so that was some fancy guesswork you did. :-)

Kate said...

They are absolutely perfect. And the particular friend really appreciates the work and time spent on them. And the zippers and fun buttons, too! You're lovely, you are.