Tuesday, October 05, 2010


I've gotten a lot of knitting done in the last week, mainly because really thick yarn knits up really quickly!


Pattern: Braided, by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Plymouth Yarns Yukon (2.66 skeins) in a dark purple on US 13 and 15 needles


The pattern was quick and easy. There were lots of ends to weave in, but it wasn't too bad if you did them as you went along. And I love the braids!

And since I had yarn left over, I wanted to make a hat to match, so I tried to find a pattern with a braided cable like the braids in the scarf.


Pattern: his black cabled hat
Yarn: Plymouth Yarns Yukon (1.33 skeins) in dark purple on US 13 needles
Notes: I doubled the length of the ribbing so that I could fold over the brim.


And these wintry things are looking very cozy now that it's getting cold outside!

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glitterboy1 said...

The plaiting is really good, and I like your choice of pattern for hat, too, to pick that up.