Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm back

So, I kind of disappeared for a while, but this time it was due to computer issues. The hard drive on my computer crashed for the third time in a year, which was finally enough to convince Dell that maybe, just maybe, the hard drive was corrupt. I now have a new hard drive and hopefully no more crashes, because I am tired of losing all of the contents of my computer.

The Knitsmiths had a baby shower for Alison this past weekend. Everyone made a pair of booties which were hung from streamers strung across the room. It was really cute. Here is the pair I made, from some yarn I had left over from making armwarmers last year:

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In other knitting news, Catherine gifted me with a new measuring tape which fits in perfectly with this blog. It has both poodles and stars on it!

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And here is a sneak preview of my current project:

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1 comment:

alison said...

Thanks so much for being a part of the shower, Alexis! And for the lovely booties - they're in my favorite color! And they'll look great with the blue hand-me-downs wee one will have from her brothers. :)