Monday, May 28, 2007

Personal ads from the 1860s

Some of you have already seen these posted by me in another of my online personae but for the benefit of others, I am putting them up again.

I was inventorying a piece of sheet music at work this week, and it was a page that had been torn from a magazine. On the back were puzzles, jokes, and ads from people seeking people to write to them. And they were too good not to share. So, here you go, personal ads from the 1860s:

I like this guy:
"A gay cavalier desires correspondence with an indefinite number of young ladies. Object amusement, or a fight."

"Ladies, as I have not heard from you for some time, it is evident you don't know where I am; so I will tell you; and when you write please address [name]...."

"Wanted: The undersigned wishes to exchange photographs with one hundred young ladies."

"Official Order: All ladies, between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five, readers of the Waverley, are respectfully requested to write to the undersigned immediately. Coquetts exempt. Good discipline and an inspiring mind preferred."

"A young lady, desirous of opening a correspondence with a young soldier, will meet with a ready response by addressing [name].... Object: fun, improvement and perhaps matrimony. No objections to receiving epistles from good looking persons."

And this guy's from my hometown:
"A young man, not a soldier, but would be, were he constitutionally strong enough, would be happy to correspond with a number of fair damsels with a view to matrimony. Has plenty of money, and no poor relations."

And the winner of the best song title seen this week (from the Civil War era)? "We are the gay & happy suckers of the state of Illinois."

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Cassandra said...

oh my, i guess that means i am a former gay and happy sucker of the state of illinois