Tuesday, July 14, 2009

going green

With life the way it's been lately, I needed a project to focus on. And so the thought came, "I know! Cookie A patterns have charts! That'll make me focus." And so it did.


Pattern: Angee, from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
Yarn: Reynolds Soft Sea Wool in green (almost 2 skeins) on US1.5 needles
Notes: Not a difficult pattern, but the chart was just complicated enough to make me concentrate on it. Which was what I wanted.


I somehow even finished the first sock in two days of solid knitting. The second one took longer, since Torchwood: Children of Earth was far too engrossing for me to keep looking down at a chart. But it was completed while watching Passchendaele last night. After all, I did have to do some looking away during the battle scenes.


I'm not sure what's next. My other project isn't holding my attention, so I may have to move on to something else...


Selena said...

Your socks are so pretty! (It doesn't hurt that you've made them in my favourite shade of green, either.) The cables look great!

Catherine said...

Wowee, those look super fancy and complicated. Hooray for working from a chart!

glitterboy1 said...

Well, *I* think it looks quite difficult, anyway! :-) They've come out well, and that's a lovely green.

omly said...

I am curious about what you thought of the yarn. Reynolds Soft Sea Wool is a yarn I have had my eye on for a while, but I haven't bitten the bullet and picked any up yet.

Kate said...

So pretty! And I love that girl scout green.