Friday, February 19, 2010

short but sweet

This was a very quick knitting project for a thank you gift.


Pattern: Princess Mitts, by Jennifer Hagan
Yarn: Brooks Farm Solo (small portion of a skein) on US 6 needles

(Without the flash shows the cables better.)


I love the finished project. I do feel, though, that the written pattern could have been far clearer, especially in regard to the thumb gusset. I used the designer's revised pattern, available on her website, and I have just read the original version (available here) and the original was easier to understand. I did figure it out eventually--with Johanna's help!--but it was needlessly complicated.


But they are pretty, and a fast knit.

I missed my bus yesterday afternoon and decided to kill time by browsing in Windsor Button. Always a mistake. :) These decided to come home with me.


I'm really attracted to those sunset-y colors right now.

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