Friday, July 16, 2010

purple waves

I've had the pattern for this shawl printed out and in my files for over a year now, and I'd gotten this yarn from a swap over a year ago as well, and finally they found their way to each other!


Pattern: Waves of Leaves shawl, by Malcolm and Marcus Designs
Yarn: Kindred Spirits Silk Shimmer (most of one skein) on US 6 needles


It was actually a fast knit--I would have been finished it in a little over a week if I hadn't taken a break right before the end!


It's a small shawl/scarf, but very pretty. And I love the colors of the yarn.


I'm particularly taken with the diagonal lines of the cast off edge.


Do you know where my title comes from? :)

1 comment:

glitterboy1 said...

Those are lovely colours in the sunlight!

I'm incapable of understanding what's involved, technically, in the diagonal lines of the cast off edge, but they do look cool. :-)

And no, unless I'm being stupid, I don't think I have any idea where it's from. Do tell! :-)