Monday, November 24, 2008

elegance and opulence

The Opulent Raglan, c'est fini!


Pattern: Opulent Raglan by Wendy Bernard, from the fall 2008 Knitscene
Yarn: Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in green, 5.5 skeins, on size 5 & 6 needles
Notes: Followed the pattern pretty much exactly, other than adding a couple of extra rows to the neckline


A close up of the pretty, pretty cable:


And of the sleeve:


I'm so glad to have it done; I didn't want an unfinished sweater waiting for me when I got back from trip. Speaking of which, must get back to packing/preparing/looking things up/clearing the mountain of post-its from my desk...


Kate said...

It is beautiful, and you look wonderful in it!

Selena said...

That must have been a lot of work! You and the sweater look great together.

Stariel said...

What a great sweater! Have tons of fun on your trip. Wait... I just thought... did you need my address cuz you're sending me a postcard?!?

Katie said...

The sweater looks great! And it is a very pretty cable :)

Kris said...

Beautiful! That is quite a lovely cable indeed.

Jane said...

That is a gorgeous sweater and you did such a great job on it. Looks great on you. Have a safe trip.