Monday, December 22, 2008

I knit in the skating rink and at the Hippodrome

At work the other day I was going through a bunch of sheet music from musicals from the 1910s and 1920s, and came across a song that just needed to be shared here:

Knit, Knit, Knit, from the musical Jack O'Lantern
by Anna Caldwell and Ivan Caryll

Ev'ry day you find me just as busy as can be
As I knit, knit, knit.
Yards and yards of comfies made to send across the sea
As I knit, knit, knit.
I knit in the Subway and wher'ever I may roam
I knit in the Skating Rink and at the Hippodrome
You always knit in public, dear, but do you knit at home? Nit!
We love to knit Nit!

Cast on thirty-three
Plain as plain can be,
Lightly pull thro the wool,
Khaki or gray--
Drop a stitch,
Like a mouse,
It runs away
While my work is through
How I wish I knew
As I'm knitting, and I'm purling as busy as a bee
Will the fellow who may wear this ever think of me? Nit!

Each of us is thinking of a fellow very dear,
As we knit, knit, knit.
Some of them are far away and some are very near
As we knit, knit, knit.
I gave him a promise that from flirting I'd reform
Swore I'd never give another man my kisses warm
Will you keep your promise when you see a uniform Nit!
We love to knit Nit!


Katie said...

Oh my goodness, that song is fantastic! Would you mind if I reposted it on my blog?

Anonymous said...

You should post that on Ravelry!