Sunday, March 28, 2010

in lieu of actual knitting content

I give you photos.

My Wollmeise stash as it stands after scoring two skeins in last week's Loopy Ewe update:


So prettttty.

And this is from yesterday.


PAX East, a video game convention, is going on here in Boston. Which means the city is currently overrun by geeks, a very good thing in my opinion. And while I'm not a gamer, I am most definitely a geek. So when a friend of mine going to the convention planned a knitting get-together for convention-goers I decided to tag along. So I spent a few hours knitting and chatting with my fellow geek girls, eating cookies, looking at costumes, and generally having fun. And the girl next to me was crocheting a D20, hence the picture above.

And here's the finished D20, too.


Dear geeks, you are always welcome back.

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procraftinationstation said...

Bloody hell. I've heard of Wollmeise, of course, but it's like a unicorn or other mystical beast...everybody's heard of it, but nobody's seen it. That's some serious loot. If I ever need to support my imaginary crack habit, I'm raiding your stash.