Friday, June 22, 2007

Now you can listen to us blather about knitting!

In a possibly scary development (I kid, people), our knitting group has started a podcast. We're calling it Fiber Cult, and we've just completed our very first episode. If you'd like to check it out, head on over to our podcast blog here. Please forgive any glitches with the sound and volume levels, we're still learning.


Demerese said...

Hi Alexis,

How's it going? Did you receive my postcard from Portugal? I check your blog every once in awhile, but only today figured out (if this message is now visible) how to post a comment without registering. I tried to listen to the podcast but couldn't get it to work. The example sound clip did work, so I don't believe it's me!


Demerese said...

Nevermind, it just took a while to download and I have pop-up windows blocked in my browser so I couldn't see the download progress!

It sounded like fun making the podcase. And yes, we're still waiting for that package to arrive in Holland!

Ha! I bet I surprised you with all these comments today! :D