Sunday, July 01, 2007

One sock done on the 1st

Happy Canada Day, my northern friends!

I finally cast on my first Sockapalooza sock about a week and a half ago and I even finished it this morning. One down, one to go. Here's a sneak peek at sock #1:

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It's Lorna's Laces in an older colorway. Working on these socks has been a bit of an adventure as my sock pal's ankles are rather larger around than her feet, so I've been doing some adjusting. I'm also finding it interesting that with the larger number of stitches I used on the ankle, the yarn striped, but when I reduced that number to create a smaller foot, they pooled. But at least it swirled, so I still find it attractive. I'm also enjoying the Cross Hatch lace pattern I'm using, easy to do, but very pretty looking. Thus far, I am pleased with how they are going.

I also got my Ravelry invite last week, so I've been busy uploading all of my old projects to that, as well as wandering around and seeing what everyone else is up to. I'm poodlestar over there, like my blog, if you'd like to friend me.


Cassandra said...

tag! you're it. for the birthday meme

Petra said...

Hmmm, rather wide ankle! Could be me ;-)
The colorway is very nice!