Friday, October 17, 2008

what a difference a day makes


Seriously. Wow.

My little blog doesn't quite know what to make of all of the attention it's gotten over the last couple of days. Before the Yarn Harlot posted yesterday I had twenty hits that day. Since then it's gotten close to 400 hits. Wowzers.

Hello to all of you who have wandered over here from there, and thanks for all of the compliments on my knitted Doctor Who! My original post about the Doctor is here, if you want more info or want to see more pictures. As to the question of whether the pattern will be for sale, the answer is no. It's a heavily modified combination of a couple of existing patterns (including the basic doll pattern from World of Knitted Toys) plus a lot of improvisation and some creativity. I just wanted something a lot more huggable than an action figure, considering David Tennant looks fairly huggable to me. And it's far closer than I'll ever get to getting a hug from the real thing. :)

I'm off to Rhinebeck for the weekend, and I think I'll be bringing the Doctor along with me, so if you see us wandering around, please say hi! I'll definitely be at the Ravelry meetup and party on Saturday.

(Oh, and if by any chance you should happen to have a spare ticket to see David in Hamlet on December 3rd that you'd part with for much closer to face value than they're going for on ebay, let me know. :)


Amanda said...

Wooo - you are fayyyymous! :)

Have extra fun at Rhinebeck for me, OK?

glitterboy1 said...

Hurrah for fame! And I hope you have a great weekend...