Sunday, October 15, 2006

an actual FO!

I actually finished something!

This project was done on a deadline, though the deadline has turned out to be later than what I was first told. It still needs to be blocked, but here are some pictures anyway. It's a double knit scarf, with stars. I know there is now a similar pattern up on Craftster, but this is my own pattern, and this is the second scarf I have done from it (I did the first in the spring, and my knitting buddies know the embarassing truth of where it has since gone). This one, however, is for me.

The scarf was done on size 8s, in just over a skein each of Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Quattro. I had to get it done fast because (since I mailed in the contract I can now say) it's going to be in a knitting calendar for 2008. But first I have to write up the pattern and block it and photograph it.

But my scarf needs a name!! Any suggestions, lovely people?


Danielle said...

... Starry Knits? (Might be taken already.)

Criosa said...

wow, I'm impressed! very cool scarf.
(I tried a DK dishcloth this weekend and it kicked my butt. maybe I'll try again another time.)


Sarah said...

Rockstar scarf?

Superstar scarf?




I don't know. I'm not good at names, but I like it.

Karen said...

If it were a civil war era quilt, those would surely be called Union Stars, five-pointed and blue like that.

If it's in a Calendar, then perhaps they are December Stars or May Stars or the like.

I have no idea how you even begin to make something like that. You'll have to explain it to me sometime.