Saturday, October 21, 2006

one last book

I waited to post this until the intended recipient had received it, but she has, so now you can see the last book I made in my bookbinding class. While most of the books we made were blank, we were given one with text so we could learn about keeping the sections in order and making sure things were going in the right direction. The text was Alice in Wonderland.

We were allowed to choose whatever papers and fabrics we wanted to cover it with and when I was thinking about it, I remembered my friend Erin's fabulous artwork that is tied into the story. And since she was getting married last week, I decided to use some of her images, downloaded from her website, and make her a copy of Alice illustrated with her own work.

The front cover (sorry, the photo is blurry), which is the Queen of Hearts:

Back cover:

Front endpapers, the White Rabbit:

Back endpapers, the Cheshire Cat:

There'll be actual knitting content sometime soon, I'm just right in the middle of a bunch of projects at the moment.

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