Tuesday, October 03, 2006


This is going to also be my crafty journal, so you will see some things other than knitting.

I am currently taking a five Saturday workshop in cloth case bookbinding, and here are some pictures of the books I've completed so far.

These are my first three completed projects. I've made two flat backs and one rounded back.

This is the first book I made, which I didn't have any choice in regards to the colors. We were given the pieces and taught how to put them together. For the second book, we had to measure and cut everything ourselves and did our own color and paper choices.

I couldn't get a good picture of the second book. That shows the paper design okay, but not the colors. But the paper is pastepaper I made in a workshop years ago.

This is my third book, and my first attempt at rounding and backing. I really love how the colors turned out on this one.

See how the spine is rounded? We do that by hitting the glued up textblock with a hammer. It's kind of scary.

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Stariel said...

I love your little books! I'm so jealous, someday when you start making them at your place you have to teach me. :)