Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Halloween with the knitters

This goes in the knitting blog, as most of the people involved were my knitting buddies. The party was at Catherine's place and here we are, properly costumed.

Catherine in her 80s wear, Cassandra the cat, Ariel the princess, me as Hermione, and Betsy as. . . well, Betsy in pink.

And here we are, being crazy.

Ariel threatening the Jack-o-lantern to be.

Digging out the pumpkin seeds.

Our finished Jack-o-lantern!

1 comment:

Catherine said...

woo hoo! you got great pics. you'll have to send them to me. none of the ones i have show my leg warmers and they are integral to my outfit.

i was a bit scared by ariel attacking the pumpkin... maybe from now on we shouldn't let her have sharp objects... only... well then she couldn't knit. hmm...