Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What a tangled web we weave...

I had an adventurous trip back to Boston on Monday. I'm currently referring to my train as either the "Train of the Damned" or "The Little Engine That Couldn't." It had engine trouble the entire trip and then broke down entirely just outside of New Haven. Which is where we spent two hours waiting for the rescue engine to show up and get hooked up to the front of the train. And since no engine means no power and no lights, there was nothing to do for those two hours. There were emergency lights, but they were very dim. The conductors even stuck glow sticks in them to make them a little brighter.

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(Yeah, like I wasn't going to take a picture of that?)

So we got into Boston four hours late. But I finally did start doing some knitting once we got a new engine and the lights came back on. I cast on for the Charlotte's Web shawl and got through the first 42 rows.

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It's my first time really doing lace and, other than the chart reading (my brain doesn't do so well with reading them), I'm really enjoying it.

Being home was good. I spent a lot of time with the lovely poodle, so I'll treat you to a few pictures.

Henry giving me his disdainful "I don't do costumes" look:

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Playing in the leaves:

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And watching you even when you think he's sleeping:

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Such a cutie!


SandyR said...

Great Poodle! Love the color. I have a red standard female and an apricot male.

I crochet a little, but my mom is a big knitter. She is in her 70's not and learned to knit in school in Scotland when she was 4 years old in kindergarten!

I have a website all about Standard Poodles. Check it out!

Sandy, Meg and Ed

Amanda said...

CW looks great - I'm on the last color, and I need to get a new picture.

Henry is SO CUTE - this is the first time I've seen more pics of him, and I love him. ;)

Glad you had such as nice trip - aside from the train, anyway....

suburban prep said...

I have done the Charlotte's Web Shawl about 5 times and I love it each time I do it. I hope that you like your experience as much as I do. I just love Koigu yarn.