Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting that's not my own

Looky! Cassandra finished my Secret Spook project--the Endpaper Mitts!


She's named them Beezelbub and Lucifer, after the wear and tear making them took on her soul. But they're beautiful, and they fit, and I love them. So, thank you, Cassandra!

You may be starting to think, "huh, I haven't seen any knitting from you lately, Alexis." That's because you haven't. My knitting mojo has vanished. I can only manage to get anything done when I'm out with people, so any projects are moving very slowly. I've got a pair of socks 2/3 of the way done that are just creeping along, and a sweater that is only moving since it's done in bulky yarn. Here's a little peek at that:


Some more yarn also showed up in the mail this week (don't worry, I've been destashing as well):


These are Regia Canadian colors in Quebec and Toronto. I've kind of got a thing for all things Canadian (I blame this on frequent ingestion of L.M. Montgomery novels at an impressionable age) so when I discovered Regia had done a series of colors named after Canadian cities and provinces I had to get some. Except they did them a year ago, so finding them was a little difficult. But I succeeded! I'd still love to find the British Columbia or Vancouver colors, but these will do very well for now.

Of course, I need to get my knitting mojo back to actually knit with them...


omly said...

I think Project Spectrum is getting to me because I love the Toronto colorway. I can't wait to see how they knit up.

knittinghp said...

I hope you get your mojo back soon.