Tuesday, May 13, 2008

make way for goslings--and a contest!

It's post #99! Which means my next post will be #100. In honor of reaching that momentous point, I'm having a little contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. You get an extra entry if you tell me something interesting or funny in that comment.

And what will you win? A beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Amethyst.


Leave your comment by this Friday night--May 16th--at 11:59 pm EDT for your chance to enter!


On my way to work yesterday I passed two geese out with their goslings. How could I not stop to take some pictures?






Catherine said...

Oooh I'm first!! Ok here's something interesting, did you know that your tongue print is like your finger print? So individual to each person. Ha! I read that in a newsletter from the dentist. ;-)

To pick the winners, I think you should tie names on to dog treats and throw them out for Henry to get. And whichever one he brings back is the winner!

Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker but I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! And especially baby geese!

Kris said...

I wish I had something interesting or funny to say... but I've got nothing. However, I figured I'd still say hi because I am defenseless in the face of pretty sock yarn. :) Pretty, pretty yarn.

Anonymous said...

Awww. So cute. I don't think I have too much that's interesting, but I used to live in an apartment complex that 100+ geese called home because of double ponds. Very cool to watch, but very uncool to try and walk near the pond.

omly said...

Eeek, so cute, but experience says "don't get too close!"

ainsley said...

Paul Gross just turned 49! 49 is 7x7. Seven is considered lucky, so is seven sevens seven times luckier? One would suppose so, if the seventh son of a seventh son does indeed have second sight. I would suppose not for that reason, because why the frell is it only sons of sons? Where are the daughters? But then, Paul has a daughter and thus may be less inclined to ignore them.

Nell said...

OMG- How cute are those goslings????

Sorry to be a late entry to the contest! I'm just behind on my blog reading.

Danielle said...

Very very cute pictures. I like Catherine's idea to pick the winners. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

So, an unusual fact? How about Rome (ROMA) is the word love (AMOR) backwards in Latin and they trace their ancestry back to the goddess of Love, Venus?

Amanda said...

Oh, crap - I meant to post earlier. Sorry.

I vote that my blonde, forgetful moments in and of themselves are funny. :P Not in a good way, though... ;)

Jessica said...

My interesting comment is that Tesla now has a stalker.. every day on our walks she is accosted by a polydactyl black kitty, who rubs against her, flops over in front of her, and chases her tail, much to the great amusement of the people waiting for the commuter rail who watch this big white fluffy dog and this black cat sniff and cavort around.

I also think that you'd have to pick some pretty boring dog treats for Henry to manage to return with one... though he may possess an extreme amount of self control and a stellar retrieving ability, in which case I'll take him to obedience class instead of my obstinate Pyr :)

Stariel said...

Cute goslings!

Once upon a time I was at the beach eating some wheat thins and this little gosling came and jumped into my lap to try to get the crackers. The mommy goose was not happy. But luckily he ran away and I wasn't attacked.

So there is my goose story to enter your contest. ;)

Katie said...

I love reading your blog. How about I tell you my favorite joke (which unfortunately has nothing to do with geese).

Alright, so there were two pies baking in the oven. The first pie says "Man, it's getting really hot in here." The second pie says "Ahhhhhh!!!! Talking pie!!!!"

:) hope you like it!

leona said...

I know I am late for the contest but I had to say hello and congrats on 100 posts! :) I think I am at 4 so 100 is definitely a celebration. Love the goslings... how can goslings be so cute and fluffy when grownup geese are evil?
Something interesting?... well, it hit 102 degrees here in Las Vegas yesterday so we are in for a hot summer. Ahh global warming, how I love thee.