Sunday, April 01, 2007

Flash Your Stash 2007

I divided my stash into two parts for the purpose of these pictures*. The First is General Yarn.

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If you look close--I'm sorry I didn't take any close up shots--you can see some Lamb's Pride, some Paton's Classic Merino, some Knitpicks Gloss, some balls of Cascade 220, orange Cotton Ease frogged from a disastrous attempt at a shrug, and there's one skein of ArtYarns supermerino hiding somewhere in there.

The Second picture is, of course, sock yarn.

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I have been greatly influenced in the matter of knitting socks by Ariel, who was also the one who taught me to knit Magic Loop. The student has definitely not outshone the teacher in terms of stash, but I'm building a nice little pile. Let's see, up top we have some Sockotta, some yarn I dyed myself, some Sunshine Yarns by Dani, a skein of Sugar Bunny Boulevard that I got from Alison, Ellen's Half Pint, Trekking XXL, and Koigu. And on the bottom, there's Socks that Rock, Regia, and Lorna's Laces.

And that's my stash!

*what these pictures do not include: yarn involved in projects currently on the needles, yarn to be dyed, half skeins of acrylic from when I first started that are waiting to be donated. I also took these pictures a few days ago, and a couple more skeins may have made their way into the stash since then. :)


Stariel said...

Hey, I like that sock yarn. :)

cpurl17 said...

is it wrong that I want to reach through the monitor and scoop up some of that sock yarn!? :)

Meghann said...

Perty, perty! I love the sock yarn:)

Zonda said...

Hey, you'd better watch out for Stariel ;) she likes yer yarn! Gorgeous colorways there!

aija said...

Lovely stash!

(Watch out for stariel! ;))

Thea said...

hey, I'm impresssed. You seem to have it under control! Am scared to flash mine. Not under control.

Nell said...

Great Stash!

And I love the stuffed monkeys. Super cute!